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Why Do So Many Wrongful Deaths Occur In California?

Why Do So Many Wrongful Deaths Occur In California?

You experience a wrongful (and premature) death as a result of someone’s careless actions – either accidental or intentional! Losing a loved one immediately is bad enough, but what happens when a loved one dies after a period of intense and prolonged suffering that was caused by the accident? What are you to do? Well, you can hire a personal injury lawyer to file a wrongful death lawsuit. You can also read this article to learn the real causes of accidents involving wrongful deaths in California.

Causes of wrongful deaths in California

Any personal injury lawyer knows that these are the primary causes of wrongful deaths in California:

● Car accidents: More than 3,000 fatal accidents that kill more than 3,500 people occur each year in California. In fact, California ranks second in the nation for fatal car accidents. These are the number one cause of wrongful death claims in California.

● Pedestrian accidents: People get hit and killed by cars while walking in California every year. The bad news that the Governor’s Highway Safety Association reports that these types of deaths are on the rise. California lead the nation in terms of wrongful deaths from pedestrian accidents in 2018 with these counties taking the lead:

● Los Angeles county – 265 pedestrian deaths
● San Diego – 71 pedestrian deaths in
● Orange County – 63 pedestrian deaths

● Truck accidents: Because of their size and the nature of their work, trucks need regular maintenance and truck drivers need adequate rest for safe driving. This often does not occur in California – hence the many wrongful deaths. Most of the victims are pedestrians and passenger vehicles. Unfortunately, these types of wrongful deaths have been on the rise in recent years. For example, the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration Products Liability cases stated that California comes in second place in terms of truck related fatalities. There were 259 such fatalities in 2013 and 361 in 2017.

● Product liability cases: These types of products include asbestos because they contain chemicals that can kill. For example, asbestos causes mesothelioma, a cancer with a high death rate. Monsanto’s Round-up Weed killer contains a deadly chemical called glyphosate which has caused many deaths in recent years.

● On the-job accidents: Personal injury lawyers in Buena Park and Bell Gardens know that workers comp insurance companies are trying to reduce the number of work-related deaths, but they are still pretty high in California with 376 occurring in 2017.

● Medical malpractice: These are caused by negligence on the part of doctors. It often occurs when doctors over prescribe powerful medicines like opioid. The number of opioid deaths has been increasing in recent years

You can sue for wrongful death.Now that you know the major causes of wrongful death, you and your personal injury lawyer can sue in court and win!

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