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Dog Bites

Dog Bites Injury Attorney Menifee, Lakewood, Buena Park, Bell Gardens

Some provinces in California have specific laws regarding dog bite and attacks. Thus, dog owners are liable if someone be attacked on the dog owner’s property. Under the California’s dog bite law, section 3342 of the Civil Code, if the owner tries to hold the dog back or restrains the dog but the dog still attacks, the owner is liable. Additionally, it is irrelevant if the dog never attacked anyone before.

There’s a misconception that if a dog is provoked, the owner is not responsible or held accountable. This is untrue. Whether the dog has been provoked doesn’t matter. It’s irrelevant. Anyone can sue the dog owner if they’ve been bitten by a dog even if the person bitten provoked the dog to do so. If you’ve suffered a serious dog bite and were part of the reason the dog bit you, you would need the assistance of an injury lawyer like the members of Braff Accident Attorneys. You may be eligible to a settlement; however, you may end up receiving reduced compensation due to your responsibility in the attack.

The team at Braff Accident Attorneys can help explain the details of such cases to you during a free initial consultation. We have been assisting innumerable clients in the Menifee, Lakewood, Buena Park and Bell Gardens for many years in cases where adults and children that were attacked by dogs and wanted to sue the animal owners. Cases such as these require an expert lawyer. It helps to have a good lawyer in your corner as they will help you get the required compensation.

Injuries Inflicted By Dog Bite

Dog bite injuries can be extremely unpleasant going far beyond superficial bruises and cuts. Too often people think that victims of a dog attack will easily recover due to the minor nature of the injuries. It’s true that there are some dog bite attacks that don’t significantly injure the victim. However, it’s common that dog bite related cuts and puncture wounds are deep and require special medical care so that they do not scar. Oftentimes, soft tissue damage is catastrophic and can leave the victim permanently scarred. The chance of permanent scarring increases, if the person has suffered multiple bites.

Even if there’s not significant soft tissue damage, the victim may suffer from psychological damage as a result of the dog bites. A dog attack can cause a person to become unreasonably scared of dogs. They may also suffer other psychological issues such as:

  • Nightmares
  • Anxiety
  • Panic attacks
  • Depression

Psychological damage can be just as debilitating as scarring and can last a lifetime. In worse case scenarios, the psychological damage can last for the victim’s life. Braff Accident Attorneys is there to represent the interests of those who have suffered an animal attack in the Menifee, Lakewood, Buena Park and Bell Gardens. Contact us today and allow us to help you get the requisite legal assistance that you need.

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