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Who Can You Sue In A Multi-Car Accident Involving Deaths?

Who Can You Sue In A Multi-Car Accident Involving Deaths?

If you have ever driven on California’s roads, you know an unspoken secret all too well: multi-car accidents that involve wrongful deaths are as common as environmental regulations are. This is especially true in Southern California which often experiences severe gridlock congestion because of a high population density. You can be involved in this type of an accident even if you are a cautious driver with an excellent driving record? What are you to do in this instance? Well, you can hire a lawyer to help you craft an award-winning personal injury lawsuit.

Why do multi-car accidents occur in the first place?

Your personal injury lawyer could tell you that there is a myriad of reasons for multi-car accidents, but the most common ones are:

● A chain reaction car accident caused by the first driver stopping abruptly
● A rear end collision which causes the car being rear ended to drive into the car in front of it. This is when the chain reaction begins.

As mentioned earlier, there are many reasons for multi-car accidents. A less common one occurs when the driver crosses over the median and into oncoming traffic. This has happened many times before on Highway 101 and Freeway 110.

Determine who is at fault

Your personal injury lawyer in Menifee will tell you that it depends on the type of accident. For example, the car that struck the first vehicle in a simple multi-car accident is the one who is at fault. This is also the case with a driver who crossed the median. The story is different with rear end collisions. The first driver is not always held responsible in this instance. However, if the first driver was putting on makeup while driving, she was acting in a way that will cause her to be partially at fault. The reason why the first driver is not always at fault in rear end collisions is because that driver needs a certain amount of space to stop which may not always be available in California’s common gridlock traffic jams.

As a general rule, personal injury lawsuits tend to name the first driver as the responsible party. Other drivers can be at fault depending on the nature of the accident.

Fatalities from multi-car accidents are not always an emotional death sentence

Your personal injury lawyer can indeed draft the personal injury lawsuit that will win in court, if you are involved in a multi-car accident that involved wrongful deaths. All you need to do is follow the information in this article and listen to your lawyer’s advice.

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