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Rights And Responsibilities of Motorcycle Riders In California

Rights And Responsibilities of Motorcycle Riders In California

Although some of California’s drivers get annoyed by the motorcyclists on the road, those same motorcycle riders do enjoy certain special rights. On the other hand, each of them must obey specific regulations.

Lane splitting laws give motorcycle riders a special right.

• The riders can move between 2 side-by-side vehicles.
• A motorcyclist has the right to transition from an area between lanes to a clearly-identified lane.
• Motorcyclists are also allowed to travel faster than the drivers at their side, when they are traveling between other vehicles.

Other actions taken by motorcycle riders are more regulated.

Each of them must wear a helmet. Each of them must ride a vehicle that has both right and left mirrors. In addition, each bike must have working signal lights on both sides of that same vehicle.

No rider’s handlebars can be more than 6 inches above the level of the same rider’s shoulders. This regulation seeks to force each motorcyclist to ride on a vehicle that he or she can control.

Personal injury lawyer in Menifee wants you to know that if the motorcycle’s exhaust system was made after 2013, then it must demonstrate compliance with the Motorcycle Anti-Tampering Act. This rule seeks to save drivers from exposure to toxic fumes. A passenger’s seat must be securely fastened to the area behind the driver’s seat. By the same token, any passenger should have footrests, and should wear a helmet.

California has tried to reach a happy balance.

Motorcycle riders cannot create a hazard, one that the other drivers must struggle to avoid. On the other hand, the rider of a motorcycle should not travel under a risk to his or her safety. Some of the lane-splitting laws that are on the books in other states seem to increase that level of risk. That is why similar laws have not been passed in the Golden State.

California’s warm temperatures encourage the practice of riding a motorcycle. That fact helps to explain the state’s concern for the motorcyclist’s welfare. The State has fewer rules about using a motorized scooter, because those particular vehicles have not yet achieved widespread usage among adults.

In addition, a number of the municipalities in California have created skateboard parks. That serves as a possible example for solving any future problems, regarding a motorized scooter. Still, riders of motorized scooters should not be granted the same freedoms as motorcycle riders.

Hence, each municipality must watch the growth of scooter-usage inside of its borders. Then, based on what it has found, it should be able to take the appropriate actions. That is how California has dealt with the real source of all added problems for the authorities that hope to reduce the number of accidents that take place annually, on a statewide basis.

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