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Quick Facts About The Exceptional Rights of California Motorcyclists

Quick Facts About The Exceptional Rights of California Motorcyclists

Whether you are on the road in an 18-wheeler or you are a motorcyclist, everyone has the right to use the road. No matter what you are in, you must also follow the rules and regulations of the highway in order to lower your risk of being a victim or the cause of an accident. While it’s easy to see a tractor and trailer going down the road, it’s not as easy to see a motorcycle so it’s always important to notice your blind spots as much as what you can see while driving on the road.

The Legalization of Lane-Splitting

While many motorists don’t like to share the road with motorcycles, they also have the right to be on the road. The main reason why motorists frown upon these two wheeled vehicles is because they are hard to see until they are near the other vehicles. This makes it hard to judge maneuvering through traffic at well.

Learning how to handle the motorcycle while on the road will make it safer for everyone involved. Motorcycles are allowed to travel at a steady speed between two vehicles who are side by side. Motorcycles are also allowed to transition in and out of a lane to the portion of the road in between the lanes without any issues. Motorcycles can also travel at a faster rate of speed than other vehicles when they are traveling between lanes.

Lane Sharing is a Privilege

Two motorcycles who are driving in the same direction on the same lane can share a lane together, unlike two full size vehicles who are too big to share a lane. The reason why two motorcycles can do it is because they are both small in size so with both of them riding side-by-side, they take up less space on the roads and other vehicles can see them.

Lane sharing is legal if both motorcycles are traveling in the same direction and are side by side or a one passenger vehicle is operating down the road in the same direction as a motorcycle, they too can ride side-by-side with a motorcycle.

Available Motorcycle Accident Compensation

It’s up to the drivers on the road to play it safe and follow the rules and regulations so its safe to say, if an accident occurs while on the road with a motorcycle, chances are, its due to someone’s negligence. Injuries to motorcycle operators are not always minor due to the protection that a full-size vehicle has.

If an accident occurs while you are on the road, it is important that you follow up with a Personal Injury Lawyers in Menifee who is experienced in motorcycle accidents and can represent you in the same manner. Remember, you as a motorcyclist have rights just as other drivers do so you need someone with experience to represent you.

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